Flexicon uses injection moulding to manufacture our pots and closures from Polypropylene. All products produced are food grade approved and certified and are recyclable. Our machines have a 90 to 110 tonne capacity and we have a wide range of pot and cap moulds available, or you can customise your own mould to your own specification.

·Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene is a very low density plastic material that has good heat resistance and mechanical properties. It is hard and rigid but still flexible, with a high immunity to flex fatigue – meaning that it can be bent almost indefinitely without breaking making it suitable for closures, cosmetic pots. The surface finish of PP is smooth with a glossy waxy look. It is a very versatile plastic, with excellent resistance to gas and water vapour. Additionally, it can withstand acidic, alkaline, and saline solutions.

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